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Happy Earth Day!

Lisa Cassidy

Hi All, I hope that you are doing well. I realize this has been a trying time for just about everyone, but we will g...

Why We Love Cork - Renewable, Versatile & Beautiful

Gravity Software Collaborator

No matter where you stand, there is a reason to love cork.  If you are concerned about the environment, you wi...

2019 Fashion Trends Meet 2019 Eco Blends

Gravity Software Collaborator

2019 Fashion Trends Meet 2019 Eco Blends Whether it's leopard, zebra, cow or tiger, animal prints made a big sta...

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fashion-Minded eco Warrior

Lisa Cassidy

the ultimate gift guide for the fashion-minded eco warrior The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fashion-Minded eco Wa...

Are Free Reusable Bags Already Out of Favor?

Lisa Cassidy

Reusable bags were meant to solve a problem - to reduce usage of plastic bags. But now, it seems we have a new proble...

How Alchemy Goods Turned Trash Into Treasure

Lisa Cassidy

When most people have a bag or backpack stolen, they tend to replace it with a new one. Not Eli Reich, Chief Alchemi...

This Is How It's Done - The eco Series

Lisa Cassidy

Photo credit sugocorkrugs Did you know that cork is harvested from cork bark, by hand, without harm to...

It's All About the Love | Learn About Our Love Collections

Lisa Cassidy

If you've been to ecoimagine.com, you will notice four collections that stand out from your typical "search by catego...

I Want Your Vote! The Story Behind ecoimagine

Lisa Cassidy

I started this journey based on the belief that if I combined my expertise in marketing with amazing eco products ma...
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