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Autumnal Recycled Bangle Bracelets


Product image 1Autumnal Recycled Bangle Bracelets Bracelets DoubleHighFive Petite - ~5" - 6.5" 8
Product image 2Autumnal Recycled Bangle Bracelets Bracelets DoubleHighFive
Product image 3Autumnal Recycled Bangle Bracelets Bracelets DoubleHighFive

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Lisa Cassidy -ecoimagine FounderThe Autumnal Recycled Bangle Bracelets are made by hand from recycled rubber flip flops by women in Mopti, Mali.  Since they are rubber bracelets, they are washable, durable and soft.  They are ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Every set comes with an organza gift bag.

You can wear them in the shower, the pool, at the beach or working out. They roll on and off with ease - especially if you use a generous dollop of lotion or soapy water. Also, don't be surprised if people ask you to feel them after you tell them they are made from recycled flip flops! They are going to be curious! - Lisa Cassidy, ecoimagine

Note: Since every bracelet is hand made, no two bracelets are the same and will vary from these images. This set of bracelets was hand curated to reflect the varying and rich, autumnal shades of fall. 

Sizing Tip: STANDARD is ~6.5 to 8 inches. It is the most common size ordered and is recommended for most people. 

Fair Trade Certified: The women producing these bracelets are paid a fair price. The bracelets have been sourced through a certified fair trade business.

Made in Mopti, Mali.

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