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Repurposed Bicycle Tubes

While no one knows for sure how many bikes there are in the world, estimates put the number around one billion.  Approximately 364,000 bikes are produced and 47,670 are sold every day. In fact, bikes are produced at a rate two times higher than cars.

Considering these staggering numbers, it’s no surprise that bicycle tubes along with all other bike waste is a worldwide issue. To keep some of that bike waste out of the landfill, we're excited to present a range of fashion accessories that are not only waterproof, light and durable, they are oh so cool.

If you're looking for an extremely durable bag, bracelet or zip pouch made entirely from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, look no further. 

Laurelhurst Crossbody Bag Crossbody Bags Alchemy Goods

Laurelhurst Crossbody Bag


Lucile Crossbody Bag Crossbody Bags Alchemy Goods Turquoise

Lucile Crossbody Bag


Upcycled Bicycle Tube Velcro Strap


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