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Cork Bracelets

Cork is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world. The products in this section are made of cork material that is all natural (vegan), recyclable, reusable contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society. Extracted from the bark of the cork oak, it is the only tree whose bark regenerates itself after each harvest. Cork is exceptionally durable, light, moisture and stain resistant. It simply is nature’s most futuristic achievement.

Sage Reversible Cork Bracelet

$38.00 $49.00

Infinity Cork Bracelet

$33.00 $45.00

Sidney Cork Bracelet

$45.00 $55.00

Blake Cork Bracelet in Natural

$42.00 $49.00

Ava Cork Bracelet

$40.00 $49.00

Blossom Floral Cork Bracelet

$44.00 $49.00

Alex Cork Bracelet

$30.00 $49.00

Blake Cork Bracelet in Espresso

$42.00 $49.00

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