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Kaden & Kai Tattoo Tube Bracelets

While no one knows for sure how many bikes there are in the world, estimates put the number around one billion.  To keep some of that bike waste out of landfills, we're working with local bike shops to reclaim some of those tubes to create a one-of-a-kind eco bracelet. The Kaden & Kai Tattoo Tube Bracelet Collection made exclusively by ecoimagine are waterproof, light, durable and oh so cool. 

What Makes These Bracelets Special
In order to create these intricate designs, every tube is manually cut, cleaned and pressed in our Lexington, Massachusetts facility.  To create these intricate, nature inspired designs, we use a multi-step operational process that concludes with durability and fit testing. We are so adamant about maintaining the highest level of quality, every bracelet comes with a lifetime guarantee. When you're happy, we're happy.
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