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SuperNatural Paper™

SuperNatural Paper™, is one of the most sustainable material options in the market today. Supernatural Paper™ comes from forests where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted.

During the production of Supernatural Paper™, 93% of the water is returned to the eco-system in its original clean and safe condition, while the remaining 7% is lost through evaporation.

SuperNatural Paper™ is beautiful, lightweight, washable, strong, vegan, replenishable, non-flammable, sustainable, animal-free and ISO 50001 Certified. ISO 50001 is an international energy-management system that helps companies implement efficient energy-usage policy and seek continual improvement via reduction.
Boxed Lunchbox Made from SuperNatural Paper™ - New Arrival Lunchbox Out of the Woods Sahara

Boxed Lunchbox Made from SuperNatural Paper™


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